New in Virbe: We're launching AI Editor that makes Virtual Beings much smarter

by Olga Jakubowska

New in Virbe: We're launching AI Editor that makes Virtual Beings much smarter

In an era where virtual interactions are becoming increasingly sophisticated, we're proud to announce a leap forward in the realm of virtual beings: the launch of our new AI Editor. This cutting-edge tool is designed to empower our users with this groundbreaking conversational engine offering unprecedented control and capabilities.

Unveiling the AI Editor

The AI Editor is not just an upgrade; it's a transformational tool that redefines what's possible in the digital realm.

At the core of Virbe's new AI Editor lies an advanced conversational engine, distinguished by its foundation on Langchain technology. This choice represents our commitment to leveraging cutting-edge advancements in language models and AI conversational frameworks to deliver superior virtual being experiences. Langchain's capabilities enable our virtual beings to understand and process human language with remarkable accuracy and nuance, laying the groundwork for more meaningful and effective interactions.

Complementing this technological base is Virbe's proprietary pipeline for managing and governing conversational flows. This custom-built system is designed from the ground up to cater to the specific needs of our users, ensuring that every interaction is not only seamless but also deeply engaging. Our pipeline allows for the dynamic adjustment of conversational parameters and seamless management of AI prompt content, empowering creators to dictate the course of interactions with precision.

With its introduction, Virbe aims to make the process of creating and managing virtual beings not only more intuitive but also more impactful.

Key Features of Virbe's AI Editor

A Richer Knowledge Base: 

The new AI Editor introduces a transformative way to manage information, allowing virtual beings to tap into a comprehensive and structured knowledge base.

Rich Knowledge Base

This feature not only facilitates adding and organizing vast amounts of data but also enables the categorization of this information into thematic collections. Such an organized system is particularly beneficial for team collaborations, making it straightforward to add, edit, and manage content across multiple team members. This enhancement ensures that virtual beings can serve as more informative and helpful guides or assistants by accessing and leveraging a wealth of organized data, reducing hallucinations and increasing their reliability and usefulness.

Enhanced Content Capabilities:

A significant upgrade within the AI Editor is its enhanced ability to handle multimedia content.

Users can now add multiple images to a single piece of knowledge content, referred to as a document, and provide detailed descriptions for each image. This advancement opens up new possibilities for showcasing products, introducing team members, sharing slides, maps, or any visual content that supports the interaction. Each image's dedicated description enriches the knowledge base further, providing virtual beings with a deeper understanding and context to draw upon during interactions. This feature significantly enriches the quality of conversations, making every interaction with a virtual being a more engaging and informative experience.

Customizable Tasks: 

Arguably the most innovative feature of Virbe's AI Editor, and a standout in the landscape of AI avatar solutions and conversational engines, is its customizable tasks capability. 

This feature allows for the specification of precise triggers that can initiate a sequence of actions. Triggers can be system-generated events, such as the start of a conversation or the camera recognizing a person approaching a kiosk, or they can be defined through AI context instructions, such as "when the user asks about the weather." Once a trigger is activated, a predefined sequence of actions can be executed. These actions can range from delivering a specific text response, through referring to a particular piece of the knowledge base (including images), to executing webhooks. This capability enables integration with various systems and allows virtual beings to perform advanced tasks beyond simple conversation or chat. The customizable tasks feature represents a leap forward in making virtual interactions more dynamic, personalized, and integrated with broader digital ecosystems.



Why Make the Switch?

Switching to the AI Editor means embracing a future where virtual interactions are defined by precision, intelligence, and richness. Here’s why the AI Editor represents a significant advancement:

  • Unparalleled Control:
    Fine-tune your virtual beings to accurately reflect your brand's voice and interaction objectives.
  • Sharper Intelligence
    The AI Editor significantly reduces errors, leading to more coherent and reliable interactions with users.

To start using Virbe's new AI Editor simply head to your dashboard, select “Conversational Engine” from the side navigation and select “AI Editor” from the available engines.


Looking Ahead

As we look forward to the future of virtual interactions, the AI Editor stands out as a pivotal development. To fully unlock its potential, Virbe invites you to log in to your account and activate the AI Editor. Furthermore, we're still working tirelessly on expanding its capabilities, so next on our roadmap will be adding different files as knowledge base, using URLs as knowledge source, as well as adding more types of actions to be performed as part of tasks, including form filling.

The AI Editor represents a significant step forward in our journey towards creating more dynamic, intelligent, and personalized virtual interactions. We are excited about the possibilities it opens up for our users and the broader community of virtual being creators. Join us in shaping the future of virtual interaction, starting with the AI Editor.

Stay tuned for our upcoming tutorial on creating an AI Customer Support specialist, and let’s embark on this exciting journey together.

Join the Revolution with Virbe’s AI Editor.


Olga Jakubowska
Olga Jakubowska
Head of Product